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Here's what you can expect to learn from coaching

  • Sucessful and profitable campaigns

    Affiliate Marketing is not all about throwing some ads and hoping to make profits. It is all about making mistakes and learning form them, And knowing how to locate and fix those mistakes. Not every campaign is successful but you will have to make your campaigns successful.

  • Targeting

    Targeting is all about knowing your product,  what to target who to target and how to target .Better understanding of your prospects and targets , Know what they want , what they are looking for and how to sell your products to them.In this course you will get a very clear idea about how targeting works.

  • Landing Pages

    Landing pages are the backbone of any affiliate campaign, A good landing page is what can help you ti increase your profits and Boost your ROI. Understanding what kind of landing pages are the best and how to create them is a must thing for every affiliate . With this coaching you will be able to see my successful landing pages and the reason why they performed better ..

  • Traffic Tracking

    Most of times people consider job of trackers only to figure out what keywords or targets and performing better and which ones are not. Tracking is way beyond just locating your successful keywords and targets. The main purpose of the trackers is to help you locate where you are making mistakes and how they can be fixed by analyzing your data. With this coaching you will learn how you can use your tracking software and utilize all their functions to make most out of your campaigns and turn failed campaigns into successful ones.

  • CPA Offers

    Choosing the right CPA Offers is the first step towards success , With this coaching you will learn how CPA offers truly work and what are the thing which are important but never been told to you in public and how to choose best CPA Offers and what kind of networks to choose how they operate and how to make sure you always get priority support from all the networks and how to select successful offers.

  • Demographic Research

    You will learn how to conduct demographics research properly as demographics research is much more then what Mr guru tell you about digging sites like Alexa and Quantcast.  It is way more then that and goes around knowing about who you are selling, why they need your product and why they should buy your product. In this coaching i will explain you how to conduct demographic research scientifically and gain results.

  • PPV Traffic

    Learn how to drive Pay Per View traffic to CPA Offers and make money. PPV  is one of the cheapest traffic sources out there and it is also a great source for the list builders. In this course you will learn how to use this one of the best and affordable traffic sources to make money from CPA offers and also from other traditional affiliate programs.

  • PPC Traffic

    Using power of search engines and Re targeting learn how you can use PPC to create and establish a long term income stream. PPC is one of the best paid traffic source to build a long term business. Learn how to create your long lasting campaigns and establish your businesses where you get leads and traffic from PPC Traffic.

  • Mobile Traffic

    Mobile is still new as compared to other traffic sources, Hence it can produce more better results if it is used properly and if you do everything step by step. In this caching you will learn how you can still one of the early adopters of mobile technology and make money by targeting mobile consumers and selling them your own of affiliate products.